You've heard the one about cobbler's children's shoes? This is the cobbler's child's very basic shoe. Thanks for visiting. 

Josa Young is far too busy designing beautiful sites, writing great copy, creating warm and gorgeous videos, and launching successful content strategies for clients, to do the same for herself. In her spare time she writes novels (debut One Apple Tasted published 2009), short stories and poetry.

However you will find some information here about her, including a long and complicated CV of a working life spent creating stuff within and outside the mainstream media. There are also some rather ancient articles from the Times, the Telegraph and so on. Have a look around and get in touch if she can help you boost your platform in any way whatever. 

I work with authors, agents and brands of all kinds, and am always up for a challenge. 

A couple of recent strategy and design projects: 

Property Vision: An independent upmarket property search company that required a glossy magazine look and feel.



 National Poetry Day: A nationwide celebration of poetry backed by the Forward Foundation.




One Apple Tasted launched in August 2009. Read about the inspiration behind One Apple Tasted in the Telegraph, .